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Love Sober Podcast - People Pleasing & Alcohol

Love Sober Podcast - People Pleasing & Alcohol

April 8, 2022

In this episode we talk about people pleasing or fawning/ appeasing as it's sometimes referred to. This is actually an adaptive trauma response and a result of us having to fit in, play small and hide ourselves in order to fit in. We look at it's spectrum, how it can actually be a superpower when used wisely and how we can look after ourselves as we learn to connect with others healthily, set boundaries and stand our ground. 

Grab a cuppa and let's chat. 

Resources mentioned: Untamed Journal, Glennon Doyle 

Playing Big, Tara Mohr 

Love Kate & Mandy 

Love Sober Podcast - Guest Nana Treen.

Love Sober Podcast - Guest Nana Treen.

April 1, 2022

In this episode Kate talks to dear friend and sober legend, Nana Treen, long term Soberista, occasional blogger, advocate for alcohol-free life and creator AF Loud and Proud.

Treen got sober at 59 and in this episode we discuss the challenges of kicking the drink later in life and how to harness the power of 'Life's Third Trimester' to create a mindset for successful sobriety. Nana Treen is a truly inspiration woman, proud to consider herself an Elder and a Sober Sister. 

Grab a cuppa and let's chat.

K&M X 

Love Sober Podcast -  Motherhood & Gifts of Sobriety

Love Sober Podcast - Motherhood & Gifts of Sobriety

March 25, 2022

In this episode we discuss our journeys in sobriety and our experiences as mums. We look at why it's so important for women to have the appropriate support, community and care as mothers to honour that rite of passage, protect our mental and physical well-being and to ask the real questions about care - not just be sold Mummy Wine Time. We revisit our first book Love Yourself Sober - a Self Care guide to Alcohol-Free Living for Busy Mothers. which was the book we REALLY needed to write and is a collection of all the things that helped us  along the way. 

We also reference the Vision Boarding Workshop with Kate , this coming Sunday on Mother's Day in the UK at 5pm. This is an opportunity to engage your creativity in envisioning a life you love sober or bringing more of what you love into your sober life. 

Booking link here:

Grab a cuppa and let's chat

K&M X 

Love Sober Podcast - Guest Amanda Townsend

Love Sober Podcast - Guest Amanda Townsend

March 18, 2022
In this episode Mandy talks to Mental Health specialist and trainer Amanda Townsend. Amanda is a self-care & self-love advocate who uses her lived experience of poor mental health to inspire others on their journey to becoming their best selves. In this episode we talk about the impact of alcohol on mental health, we talk about Amanda's work and the importance of mental health first aider training to challenge the stigma and create a safer and healthier world for all. Amanda is incredibly passionate about honest and diverse conversations about mental health in her work and it was a great pleasure to dive into her self-care and self-love story. 

TheMandyAndCoShow (@themandyandcoshow) • Instagram photos and videos


Love Sober Podcast- Guest- Michael Happy Without the Hooch

Love Sober Podcast- Guest- Michael Happy Without the Hooch

March 11, 2022

This week on the podcast Mandy speaks with Michael @happywithoutthehooch

It was a real pleasure to talk to Michael and for him to share his incredible journey to sobriety. It shows us all that there is possibility and we do recover and how comedy, community and connection can provide the tools to a life without alcohol. There is talk of overdose and suicidal ideation and attempt in this conversation. So please do make sure you are in the right space to listen, it is also a conversation of hope, survival and recovery which is really inspiring.

Michael Sargood is 39 years old and from Southend-on-Sea in the UK and is over one year sober. At the depths of his alcohol addiction, he was drinking up to a litre of neat vodka per night and was diagnosed as being alcohol dependent. Despite this, he managed to hold down a good job until the last few months of his addiction. He decided to quit alcohol in March 2020 and went to live with his parents for the first three months of his recovery. He was sober seven months before relapsing in October 2020. That "one" drink lasted four months and saw him placed under the care of the local mental health team. On the 17th of February 2021, after losing over 24 hours to blackout, He went sober again. That was the last time he drank.This time round, He is trying to recover differently. Instead of just "subtracting" substances, people and places, he is focussing on adding things to his life: new friends, interests and ambitions.

He has taken up comedy and recently started performing.

He runs alcohol-free social events in his local area and is on a mission to meet IRL with other sober people he's connected with on Instagram. "Life has never been so good for me and I want to help others who are struggling with alcohol and substance abuse discover the joy of sobriety." He says.

Michael is off to Scotland with @welovelucid 20th - 23rd of Scotland - so if you're up for some laughter, connection and bagpipes don't miss out!

Grab a cuppa and let's chat. Love M & K xx

Love Sober Podcast  - Love Yourself Sober Part 1- Neuroscience for Sobriety.

Love Sober Podcast - Love Yourself Sober Part 1- Neuroscience for Sobriety.

March 4, 2022

We kick off our Love Yourself Sober series this week, with themes from our book Love Yourself Sober - a Self-Care Guide to Alcohol-free Living. In Part 1 we talk about neuroscience and sobriety and the simple things we do to help keep our brains and nervous systems well. With tools such as nutrition, sleep, movement but also joy , connection and calm, we chat through the hows, whys and wherefores of this fascinating subject and how we put together our own brain/ body sober toolkits and how to work with these without overwhelm or placing unrealistic expectations on ourselves. 

Grab a cuppa and let's chat. 

K&M X 

Love Sober Podcast -Guest Emma Sobersonic

Love Sober Podcast -Guest Emma Sobersonic

February 18, 2022

In this episode, Kate talks to Emma Sobersonic, who is a sober life advocate  has been sober since 09/11/2015 🙌🎉 and is an award-winning Non Alcoholic Cocktail Creator and Mocktail Master 2022.

We explore Emma's journey to sobriety, what was the thing that made it stick and why finding your 'thing' - something you love , is so important for happy, sustainable sobriety. We explore how the fun, joy and creativity are at their lightest about play and at their most badass are survival as mums, carers and sober women. 

Grab a cuppa and let's chat! 

Love K & M 

She has a monthly pack that she curates with wisebartender - such a great way to sample drinks with a premium mixer to find out if you like them before committing to a full sized bottle.

Love Sober Podcast Episode 166 - Guest Rachael May - Radically Sober

Love Sober Podcast Episode 166 - Guest Rachael May - Radically Sober

February 11, 2022

This week Kate talks to Rachael May, accredited professional Transformational Life Coach and author of Radically Sober.

In this episode, just in time for Valentine's Day we dive into Rachael's sober story and into the juicy topic of sober dating, romantic relationships and ultimately with our relationship with ourselves. We look at why the decision to go alcohol free is the foundational piece of self-love which enables all the other pieces to come together in the self-care sober toolkit.  


Rachael  trained with Mindful Talent Coaching Academy, is also a trained Nutritional Therapist, an entrepreneur, a small business owner and a former secondary school/ high school Spanish teacher. Her mission with her writing and coaching is to help as many women as possible get unstuck and live fulfilling, wholehearted lives. 

Rachael May lives in her native Warwickshire, England with her partner and their gorgeous border collie. 

Radically Sober  is her first book and is available on Amazon worldwide.

You can find her on Instagram @rachaelmay_coaching and her website, which is coming soon  is

Love Sober Podcast Episode 165 - End of Dry Jan and Next Steps in Growth

Love Sober Podcast Episode 165 - End of Dry Jan and Next Steps in Growth

February 4, 2022

In this week's podcast we chat about the end of Dry January and how to navigate the next part of the year and journey. With a focus on this last part of winter, mindfulness, self-care and looking for the light when the days are still dark, we explore the practices that keep us going and loving sober. 

We reflect on reflection, and bringing light in terms of growing awareness and embracing and allowing the light of happiness in.

Grab a cuppa and let's chat 

Love K&M XXX

Love Sober Podcast 164 - Guest Veronica Valli

Love Sober Podcast 164 - Guest Veronica Valli

January 28, 2022

In this week's podcast, Kate talks to the wonderful Veronica Valli about her new  book ‘Soberful: Uncover a sustainable, fulfilling life free of alcohol’ published by Sounds True. It's an opportunity once again to benefit from her wisdom and experience as a true pioneer of sustainable sobriety. Continuously sober since May 2nd, 2000, and with 20 years experience as a recovery coach and psychotherapist, she understands that there is no ONE path to recovery.

Veronica teaches that alcohol is not the problem—it’s only a symptom of a deeper underlying problem. She helps women dig deep, embrace change, and become who they are meant to be. “I return people to themselves,” she says. Veronica has helped thousands of women not only recover from alcohol but also transform their lives.

Veronica works with women and men all over the world through her successful and innovative online recovery programs. She developed the Soberful program into an online subscription community; Soberful Life. Now based in the US after relocating from the UK, she is married and lives on Lake Tahoe, NV, with her husband and two sons.

Free Facebook group: Soberful

Instagram: @veronicajvalli


Details of Veronica's new book can be found here:

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