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Love Sober Podcast Episode Ninety Six 18 09 2020

Love Sober Podcast Episode Ninety Six 18 09 2020

September 18, 2020

This week Mandy interviews Arlina Allen. Arlina is a Teacher, Author, host of the award winning recovery podcast "The ODAAT Chat Podcast", and founder of Sober Life School. 

She has been sober since 4/23/94, married for 23 years, and mother of two amazing boys. Her class "Reinvent-How To Rebuild Self-Esteem After Addiction, Heartbreak & Trauma" is being taught to those who've suffered from low self-esteem, codependency, workaholism and many other issues. It is also being taught in the CA Prison System to help provide healthy coping skills to inmates before they are released. 

"We only allow into our lives what we feel we deserve, consciously or unconsciously. You can change what you believe and create the life of your dreams. Change your mind, change your life." ~Arlina Allen 

Her course sounds amazing, she is such an inspiration, this was a great conversation, so grab a cuppa and let's chat.

Links: Reinvent - Self Esteem Course


Main Website - 

Our book Love Yourself Sober is now available to buy or in any bookshop it can be ordered in XX

Love Sober Podcast Ninety Five Bernadette Russell - How to Be Hopeful 11.9.20

Love Sober Podcast Ninety Five Bernadette Russell - How to Be Hopeful 11.9.20

September 11, 2020

In this episode we are beside ourself with excitement to talk to author and storyteller Bernadette Russell about her journey through activism and self care in terms of mental health tools and about her new book out 10/9/2020 called 'How to be Hopeful.' From news gatekeeping, the sober lens, to Pandora's Box we talk about the importance of hope, especially now, for all of of us. 

How to Be Hopeful BUY HERE
Your Toolkit to Rediscover Hope and Help Create a Kinder WorldBernadette Russell

Elliott & Thompson / £12.99 / 10 September 2020

Bernadette presents the ‘How to be Hopeful’ podcast.
More information at: Instagram: @bernadetterussell Twitter: @betterussell / Facebook: /

Love Sober Podcast Episode Ninety Four 28 08 2020

Love Sober Podcast Episode Ninety Four 28 08 2020

August 28, 2020

Episode 94


This week on the pod we talk book baby, the labour of love and it's creation, we also chat through what we're catchily naming the "best laid plans not carried out" or "the least relaxing holiday ever" It's been a journey folks. We are SO so grateful for those of you who pre-ordered the book, seeing photos of it on social media is SUCH a joy. If you enjoyed it please leave a 5 star review on Amazon and Goodreads it helps ALOT, and hopefully will help other people in need of support to find our book. We have been really touched by your support throughout the growth of this pod and then book and now our coaching practice, even our website is having a rebrand

Grab a cuppa and let's chat and thanks again. Love Kate & Mandy xxxx

Love Sober Podcast Ninety Three 21.08.2020

Love Sober Podcast Ninety Three 21.08.2020

August 21, 2020

Happy third Soberversary Mandy! In this week's very special podcast Kate interviews the sober legend that is Mandy Manners about her journey over the last three years: The highs, the lows, the big learnings, the things that work what gives her meaning in her life and why she loves sober. 

Mandy Manners is the co-founder of Love Sober, a community and podcast host. She is Certified Professional Life and Recovery Coach, a She Recovers® Designated Coach and a Gray Area Drinking Coach, author and speaker. She specialises in mindset and recovery coaching, focusing on the impact trauma and mental wellbeing has on problematic alcohol use.

She coaches women to feel empowered by their choice to stop drinking alcohol and use their decision to go sober to pivot from surviving to thriving in all areas of their lives. Using evidence based strategies to create their own toolkit of resources for stress management, nervous system regulation and self-supportive living.

She uses her training coupled with her own experiences to work with clients to transform their own lives to find balance, gratitude, satisfaction and a life they love sober. LEGEND! 

Love Sober Podcast Episode Ninety Two 14 08 2020

Love Sober Podcast Episode Ninety Two 14 08 2020

August 14, 2020

Episode 92


This week we chat with Charlie aka @the_sober_psych Charlie Weeks is a BACP Accredited Psychotherapist and Counsellor & a Therapeutic Supervisor. He has a L4 - Diploma in Psychodynamic Therapy, L5 - Diploma in CBT Skills and Theory and a L6 - Diploma in Therapeutic Supervision.  He worked for 3 years at a London based detox centre as a Substance Misuse Worker, then for 14 years at a London based rehabilitation centre for recovering alcoholics, where he became a senior therapist.


He now holds the position as the therapeutic lead for a mental health service on the Isle of White and has developed skills as a wellbeing coach. 


As someone who has experience mental health problems and addiction issues, Charlie is extremely motivated in continuing to help and support clients, teams and organisations in achieving better and sustainable wellbeing.


This is was a great chat about addiction, services, navigating sobriety and new ways of caring for people’s wellbeing and mental health. Definitely a chat to continue! So grab a cuppa and let’s chat.


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Love Sober Podcast Episode Ninety One 07 08 20

Love Sober Podcast Episode Ninety One 07 08 20

August 7, 2020

Episode 91,

This week we were delighted to chat to Ella St John McGrand a Mindset Coach and TV Producer on history documentaries. Bringing her expertise as a former French teacher, she coaches 30-something women, who want to change their limiting beliefs, so they can live an expansive life beyond their wildest dreams. She says changing her mindset was instrumental in stopping binge drinking and living a happy sober life. Her instagram handle is @ellastjohnmcgrand

We absolutely loved chatting with Ella about her journey to sobriety and all the gifts it has brought her, she's a great guest, so grab a cuppa and let's chat. Love M & K xxx

Love Sober Podcast Episode Ninety 31 07 20

Love Sober Podcast Episode Ninety 31 07 20

July 31, 2020

Episode 90 - This week Mandy chats to Emily Lynn Paulson, Emily is a certified professional recovery coach, She Recovers Designated Coach, This Naked Mind Institute Trainee, founder of Sober Mom Squad, and a member of the long-term recovery community. She is passionate about connecting women with resources for recovery from trauma, eating disorders, and substance abuse, and believes that sharing our truth with each other is the best resource of all. She has appeared on media outlets including The Doctors, Parade, Today Parents, Bustle, and USA Today, discussing how to end the shame and stigma of mental health by and substance abuse disorder. Sober since January 2, 2017, her recovery path is focused on ruthless honesty, grace, and self-love and is documented in her memoir, Highlight Real: Finding Honesty & Recovery Beyond the Filtered Life.  She resides in Seattle with her husband and their five children. This was a great chat despite poor Emily being ill with Covid, urg poor thing, we talk about her book and the brilliant journey Emily has had to living her honest authentic life, so grab a cuppa and let's chat x


Connect with Emily Lynn Paulson on Instagram @highlightrealrecovery and visit

Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty Nine 24 07 2020

Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty Nine 24 07 2020

July 24, 2020

Episode 89 (Despite us saying its episode 90 lols!)


This week we celebrate Kate's 4 year soberversary by looking at what she has learned and what the shadows and sparkles have been for her since she went sober for the final time on the 23/07/2016. It was a brilliant episode to record to really look at the whole picture and to reflect. It's such an amazing achievement to stop drinking, we think you are all really brave and very awesome. If you are starting out, we are always around for a chat or to offer support. Lots of love K & M x

Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty Eight 17 07 2020

Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty Eight 17 07 2020

July 17, 2020

This week in the pod we talk strategies for the summer holidays, and mum guilt, and the juggle. We also talk about emotional triggers, why is it that the sun comes out and we want a drink? Why can memory triggers seem to be hit us harder even though we know that drinking is harmful? We unpick this and think of some strategies to build new memories around not drinking and use mindfulness and our senses to challenge our thinking and keep ourselves sAFe and sober. Grab a cuppa and let's chat. K & M xx

Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty Seven - Dr. Alice Kerby  10 07 20

Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty Seven - Dr. Alice Kerby 10 07 20

July 10, 2020

In this episode we talk to the fabulous Dr Alice Kerby who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Health Consultant, a Holistic Health Practitioner, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in training. She uses her decades of experience and training to focus on the stress response from an autonomic nervous system and physiological perspective.

She helps her clients to identify areas where they feel stuck, and provides a well regulated and supportive environment for them to begin gently touching past trauma or overwhelm, and heal these states through presence and awareness of the body in the present moment.

She specialises in working with sober and sober curious women who are seeking additional tools to manage stress, increase a sense of calm, and move forward in creating their lives. This is gold to sober people to help us deal with triggers and move swiftly from fight/flight response to calm and to regulate our autonomic nervous systems so we don't hit the F it button and the bottle.

Dr Alice Kerby's online course about nervous system regulation for sobriety, 30 Day Sober & Calm course will start next Monday, July 13th 2020 

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