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Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty Seven - Dr. Alice Kerby  10 07 20

Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty Seven - Dr. Alice Kerby 10 07 20

July 10, 2020

In this episode we talk to the fabulous Dr Alice Kerby who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Health Consultant, a Holistic Health Practitioner, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in training. She uses her decades of experience and training to focus on the stress response from an autonomic nervous system and physiological perspective.

She helps her clients to identify areas where they feel stuck, and provides a well regulated and supportive environment for them to begin gently touching past trauma or overwhelm, and heal these states through presence and awareness of the body in the present moment.

She specialises in working with sober and sober curious women who are seeking additional tools to manage stress, increase a sense of calm, and move forward in creating their lives. This is gold to sober people to help us deal with triggers and move swiftly from fight/flight response to calm and to regulate our autonomic nervous systems so we don't hit the F it button and the bottle.

Dr Alice Kerby's online course about nervous system regulation for sobriety, 30 Day Sober & Calm course will start next Monday, July 13th 2020 

Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty Six 03.07.20

Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty Six 03.07.20

July 3, 2020

In this episode we discuss reconnecting with ourselves. This could be after a social time, a busy time or even if we are coming back to sobriety or indeed, getting sober for the first time. This is notoriously hard to navigate, fraught with the noise and static of our busy lives.Why do we get social hangovers, even when we don't drink? Did you know they can be triggers in themselves? So let's dissect this tricky bugger. When coming back to sober we can feel such enormous shame and blame so we discuss tools and strategies - self compassion, nervous system regulation, naming and calling those transition times, forgiveness and rest. Self-care always.

Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty Five 26 06 20

Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty Five 26 06 20

June 26, 2020

This week we are delighted to welcome Shari Hampton from Served Up Sober. Shari is a fellow She Recovers Designated Coach and absolute sober shero. Here is her wonderful introduction:

As the founder of Served Up Sober, and a Teetotaler, I'm honored to be a part of the recovery community. My name is Shari Hampton and I've been sober since Valentine's Day 2015. I battled alcohol and drug addiction for over 35 years until I landed in the arms of a retired psychiatrist and anthropologist turned holistic wellness enthusiast. This couple merged their perspectives into a regime that combined various holistic modalities and focused on introspective examination and healing. Through the experience I was able to build a life of recovery and the experience taught me that sustained recovery exists at the crossroads of traditional methods and holistic ones. I knew I wanted to create a program that blended the two together.


I founded Served Up Sober because there is a stigma attached to healing that needs to be broken. Served stands firm in the power that we get to change and heal into our better selves. Our organization offers holistic support services in the form of weekly and monthly classes curated specifically for sober and sober curious women of color. And its community over everything — always.


I am a founder, a podcaster, and on and off again blogger. But more than anything, I’m healing just like you and I’m cheering for all of us to win.

You can find Shari @servedupsober on insta where you can find links to The Support Group You Never Knew You Could Have and the Women of Color Get Sober Facebook group. More details on her website
We absolutely loved this chat, so grab a cuppa and enjoy! X
Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty Four 18 06 20

Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty Four 18 06 20

June 19, 2020

This week on the pod we talk about the sometimes sticky subject of fun, sillyness and celebration in sobriety. How do we do these things without a drink of alcohol? What does it look like? We talk through our recent birthdays and how we add in abit of silly in our lives from talking in accents to dancing AND making up quizzes. We hope this gives some light relief and some ideas of what social can look like in your alcohol-free life, fun is definitely not off the menu!
So grab a cuppa and let's chat X

Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty Three 12 06 20

Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty Three 12 06 20

June 12, 2020

This week on the pod we spoke with the brilliant @mrmatthewtodd, a multi-award-winning writer, broadcaster and sometime performer who edited the UK’s best-selling gay magazine, Attitude, for eight years and is best known for his book ‘Straight Jacket: Overcoming Societies Legacy of Gay Shame’, published by Black Swan (part of Penguin Random House) in 2016. His second book ‘Pride: The Story of the LGBTQ Equality Movement’ was published by Welbeck Books (then Carlton publishing) in the UK and in France in 2019 and will be published by Weldon Owen in the USA in May 2020.

Both Lee (The Gay Sober) & Scott (Proud & Sober) alerted us to Matthew's work and the impact that Straight Jacket has had on their lives and unpicking their drinking stories as gay men and it is such an important conversation.

It was very illuminating and once again affirming that such a common thread in addiction, SUDs or other addictions is the experience of shame and 'othering' in our early lives and formative years. Matthew talked about gay shame and trauma and we too have talked about trauma and shame before, ACEs, poverty, neurodiversity - ADHD, autism, sensory processing, which all increases your likelihood of SUDs and other addictions. These are all key conversations about why people develop a problematic relationship with a substance - to numb the fear, anxiety and shame because for whatever our story we have told we are less than for being us. Then of course there is the trauma of racism - and the call to see and call bullshit and rise up against systemic racism and to come together to change and learn.

It's sitting heavy on us as we are processing once again, the othering that goes on from the heterosexual, white, male, neurotypical train tracks and systems and constructs we have lived within, felt unseen, othered, in pain and sought to ease that pain with addictions.

What we feel hope in is these conversations, knowing that we heal together collectively and that sobriety really is a gift for growth, change and acceptance.

We are so thankful for Matthew for taking the time to talk with us, if you are looking for  his support group mentioned it is A Change of Scene on FB

Grab a cuppa and let's chat x

Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty Two 05 06 20

Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty Two 05 06 20

June 5, 2020

This week in recognition of the very essential Black Lives Matter movement, we have recorded a short episode on allyship & anti-racism through the lens of sobriety and mental health. We ourselves are muting, listening and learning in order to educate and show up for, and raise the voices of People of Colour. We are also conscientious and supportive of you and ourselves in sobriety, meeting yourself where you are at, right now. This work is part of our lifetimes learning/unlearning and none of us can show up if we’re broken by problematic drinking, poor mental health and the impactful stresses of your own life.

Please get in touch if you are struggling. You can also listen back to earlier episodes. Reach out -you are not alone. Love Kate & Mandy X

P.S. We may have got this wrong and will probably continue to get it wrong but we are committed to listening, learning and saying sorry. Practice not perfection in all areas of our lives.

Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty One 29.05.20

Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty One 29.05.20

May 29, 2020
Episode 81
This week on the pod we are delighted to welcome Emily Syphas from Sober & Social. Emily Syphas is the pioneer behind, Sober & Social; the new-age of socialising that provides fun, support and exciting, alcohol-free events for people living or exploring a teetotal lifestyle. With a background in Events management and working in London nightlife scene Emily’s experienced first-hand what it is to ‘enjoy’ a night out. When alcohol started to have a negative impact on mental health and wellbeing, Emily embarked on a life of sobriety. She wants to show you don’t have to compromise on your social life without alcohol and encourage others lead healthier and happier lives. She is also the podcast of Sober Sips which she recently launched. Emily is a great sobersis and we had a great chat about surviving lockdown and staying sane. Her reasons to LOVE Sober and what it’s like to be young, working in nightlife and sober. So grab a cuppa and let’s chat. X
Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty 22 05 20

Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty 22 05 20

May 22, 2020

On this week's podcast Kate talks Educationist, consultant, trainer and workplace coach, Kit Messenger about neurodiversity and its links with mental health and AUD. Kit is passionate about changing the way we address underachievement - in schools, the workplace and wider society by celebrating and supporting diversity and by putting growth mindset and an understanding of executive function at the centre of school curriculum. 

Love Sober Podcast Episode Seventy Nine 08 05 20

Love Sober Podcast Episode Seventy Nine 08 05 20

May 15, 2020

This week is our 2 year soberpodversary, we cannot believe it ! Over 160K downloads too ! Wow thank you so so much for your continued support and listening in, we are chuffed to bits ! So to celebrate we have a very special guest William Porter author of Alcohol Explained and Alcohol Explained 2. His book was incredibly important to both of us in the early days, that no BS approach that framed alcohol as it really is and what it really does to us helped ALOT with mindset. In this chat we discuss parenthood, William’s time in the military and his experiences of getting sober and writing such a helpful book.


To find out more


Love Sober Podcast Episode Seventy Eight 08 05 20

Love Sober Podcast Episode Seventy Eight 08 05 20

May 8, 2020

In this week's podcast we chat about the M word- the money- in terms of us growing up as poor kids, setting up a CIC, the gender nuances and the invisible role of home carers which is really being thrown into profile in our own lives in lockdown. We are getting our big girl pants on and looking at our relationships with money and our goals and recovery around it. We are also looking at the new Institute of Happiness research around measuring countries' wealth and tools to keep us well in uncertain times. 

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