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Love Sober Podcast 93 Mandy Manners 21/08/2020

August 21, 2020

Happy third Soberversary Mandy! In this week's very special podcast Kate interviews the sober legend that is Mandy Manners about her journey over the last three years: The highs, the lows, the big learnings, the things that work what gives her meaning in her life and why she loves sober. 

Mandy Manners is the co-founder of Love Sober, a community and podcast host. She is Certified Professional Life and Recovery Coach, a She Recovers® Designated Coach and a Gray Area Drinking Coach, author and speaker. She specialises in mindset and recovery coaching, focusing on the impact trauma and mental wellbeing has on problematic alcohol use.

She coaches women to feel empowered by their choice to stop drinking alcohol and use their decision to go sober to pivot from surviving to thriving in all areas of their lives. Using evidence based strategies to create their own toolkit of resources for stress management, nervous system regulation and self-supportive living.

She uses her training coupled with her own experiences to work with clients to transform their own lives to find balance, gratitude, satisfaction and a life they love sober. LEGEND! 

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