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Love Sober Podcast Guest Tiffany North - Intuitive Eating Coach

April 22, 2022

In this episode Kate talks to Intuitive Eating Coach Tiffany North about healing disordered eating, the neurobiology of stress & trauma and her long-term recovery. 

As an RN, Certified Intuitive Eating Professional, and creator of the Food Attachment Model ™, Tiffany helps people with disordered eating finally find freedom, balance, and satisfaction. She personally struggled with disordered eating and found a path to peace. It was so transformational that she dedicated her work to helping others do the same. Tiffany's passion is helping people stop wasting their precious energy drained by the food and body struggle so that they can use that energy to be powerful leaders in the world. She has also been alcohol and substance free since 1998 and feels that recovery has informed all areas of her life, especially her work as a nurse and a coach. When she isn’t coaching, speaking, and podcasting, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, being in nature and creating more fun, adventure, and play in life.

Find Tiffany here:

Grab a Cuppa and let's chat. 

Kate & Mandy x 

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