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Love Sober Podcast Episode Sixty Three 24 01 20

January 24, 2020
This week we had the absolute pleasure of talking creativity and recovery with Tammi Salas. 
Tammi hasn’t had a drink since February 3, 2015. She is a former wine bar owner, lifelong seeker + recovering perfectionist. She is an artist, teacher, self-proclaimed late-bloomer and co-host of The Unruffled Podcast, a weekly podcast that explores all topics relating to the intersection of creativity and recovery. 

In sobriety, she re-enrolled in college and declared art as her major at age 44. She makes art everyday and credits this practice as the path to her spiritual overhaul and creative awakening.

Tammi has self-published a book all about finding her visual voice through her daily gratitude practice, which she’s maintained for over four years. And, she shares her creative and personal pursuits, as well as her struggles and successes with sobriety. You can learn more at or follow her on Instagram @tammisalas.
Grab a cuppa and let’s chat, it’s a good one :-)


Instagram: @tammisalas

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