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Love Sober Podcast Episode Fifty 11 10 19

October 11, 2019
IT IS EPISODE FIFTY!!! How incredible is that? We see no better way to celebrate than by talking with Scott Pearson aka The Boy Who Drank Too Much. Scott is a Sober, Mental Health and LGBQTI+ Activist and is also celebrating his ONE YEAR SOBERVERSARY WoopWoop. He's a writer for the magazine Outlife and a dear friend to Kate and Mandy who we met have met through the gram.
We talk among other things about how shame has impacted his life, growing up gay in a hetro-normative society and how that internalised for him in a negative way, how getting sober has changed his life. We talk different systems of support, and creating your own patchwork for recovery, the importance of self-compassion and how this journey isnt always easy, but we keep going. We also talk about mental health, coping with anxiety and how we try to work through that.
It's a good one! So grab a cuppa and let's chat.

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