Love Sober Podcast

Love Sober Podcast Episode Twenty Five 31 01 2019

February 1, 2019

This week on pod we talk amongst other things FAB, Fading Affect Bias - the phenomenon in which we tend to forget bad associations with events rather than good. ie rose tinted glass or in recovery language euphoric recall. This is massively effected by your mental health state so if you're depressed you focus on the negative... FAB is a common trigger in sobriety, from being caught in how bad alcohol is making you feel (your move away goal) you start to feel better physically and mentally and those messages of "it wasnt that bad" or "I can moderate" or romanticism about positive alcohol experiences. So if you're coming to the end of DryJan - think of your why? Really connected with all experiences with alcohol - is it really that great? Join us on the pod for some strategies to combat this not so FAB challenge to your sobriety XX

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