Love Sober Podcast

Love Sober Podcast Episode Twelve 03 10 2018

October 4, 2018

This episode Kate interviews Mandy about her recent trip to the US and the She Recovers conference, which it seems like she enjoyed just a bit! Lol... Lots of amazing resources: She Recovers - Jenn James Coach - Cheryl Strayed - Yoga Taryn Strong - Meditation - Esther Nicolson - Shelly-Anne Mckay - Tammi Sallis - Shelley Richenbach - Amy Dresner - Paula Williams - Betty Ford - Tarana Burke - Meditation - Rosie Acosta - Mackensie Phillips - Jean Kristel - Whose name I had forgotten Liz Hausle - Tara Mohr - All the speakers and workshops were amazing a full list is here: Other amazing inspirational people who I mentioned or wanted to on insta: @tellbetterstories2108 @lovesoberful @brownncares @she_recovers @tarynstrong @lauriedhue @janetmock @servedupsober @mysoulandbowl My friends I am so glad to have met you @joy_nomatterwhat @nataliefairbrook @sober_as_shit @recovery_buddah @laurapward @sondra_unruffled @tammisalas @teetotallyfit @sarahisstayingsober @brookedavis73 @marcymartin12 @scrubbedcleanrn @soberinvegas @lady.glittersparkles_seriously @listeningtosarah @cblyon and to my sobersisters I dedicate this pod to you and all the laughter and tears! I love you @jennjamesatx @forwardstreet @sobercurlsnoel @dianaunlu @kristentothemax and @love.sober couldn't have done it without you x

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