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Love Sober Podcast Episode Seventy Two 25/03/2020

March 27, 2020

In this week's episode we talk to sober sister and Empowerment Coach, Polly Jukes about her decision to go alcohol free and the journey of self-discovery that has unfolded since that key decision. She shares coaching tips and real life experience for coping in times of heightened anxiety. 

Polly is an accredited life coach with lots of other qualifications, including NLP, Reiki and mBIT. She has overcome trauma and  adversity and says her choice to be alcohol-free has improved every aspect of her life

Polly says' I am passionate about educating you that there is another way to think, feel and behave. So you can live the life you want by stepping into self-empowerment. Then you can wholeheartedly feel you are enough as this what everyone deserves regardless of their past or life experience.'

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