Love Sober Podcast

Love Sober Podcast Episode Seven 28 06 2018

June 28, 2018

Episode 7 Self-care. In this weeks episode of love sober the podcast we ask: Self-care. What is it? Is it two Berocca and a Nurofen when you are hung over? Nope… although that’s what we used to think. In this Episode we get to grips with reactive and proactive self care and why it’s so important to grow your kit and remember the basics. We look at what self-care looks like for us: From bath bombs to self-compassion breaks, chocolate to pranayama breathing and saying NO. Let’s unpick this baby and create kick- ass self- care strategies. Mindfulness, flow, play, gratitude, connection, self-compassion, avoiding overwhelm, living like a cat and not letting the inner meanie use self care to make us feel guilty for not doing enough selfcare LOL Sources: Sexy Sobriety: The Science of Happiness: The Mindfulness Summit: Blurt foundation:

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