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Love Sober Podcast Episode Fifty One 18 10 19

October 18, 2019

In this episode we take a moment to re-affirm our core values and beliefs at Love Sober. We explain why we have included #sobercurious in our intro from the beginning, which was before it became a buzzword. For us it means an exploration into getting sober and how to do that i.e. curious about sobriety. A recent press article in Patch stated The "sober curious" movement, also known as "sober sometimes," and that is something we one hundred percent do not advocate, we have stated before and felt it important to state again that “mindful” drinking, moderation or sober sometimes is not a solution for people with a problematic relationship with alcohol, it is what keeps people stuck and drinking. We believe in early intervention, being sober curious for us is being given permission to go alcohol free before a situation of maladaptive behaviour with alcohol/self-medicating or binge drinking can slide over the line into dependence, having the conversation early before the choices you have become increasingly limited. We go through the questions to recognise Alcohol Use Disorder, and our firm belief in building community, support and conversation around problems with alcohol and the need to keep shifting the conversation away from the binary black and white model of you either are or you aren’t an alcoholic, to talking about a spectrum or grey area and how we can get sober and thrive and love a life without alcohol. If you are looking for support check out for our community, course and 1-1 coaching. In the meantime grab a cuppa and let’s chat aherm rant...

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