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Love Sober Podcast 15 Guest:Lucy Rocca 25/10/2018

October 25, 2018

In this episode we had the great delight to talk with Lucy Rocca - Founder of Soberistas. Lucy has written four books on sobriety, helped thousands of people (including us) on their journey into living a happy, healthy alcohol free life. Lucy gave up drinking seven years ago and felt there was a huge lack of support for people like her, the idea behind Soberistas was to create "a Mumsnet for worried binge drinkers" Not using prescriptive language of alcoholism/alcoholic/addiction but for people to be able to share their concerns, their problems and help each other giving up alcohol. The formula has proved hugely successful and since launching the site in 2012 there are now 52,000 registered members worldwide. In Lucy's words "You've got to create a life you love." that being alcohol free isn't giving up anything, but the best decision you could ever make for yourself. Thanks so much to Lucy for her time, energy and continued sober activism. She really was one of the trailblazer's of the modern Sober Revolution movement and continues to be a vital advocate for sober living. And thanks personally from us, when we think of how life would be for us without Soberistas it doesn't bare thinking about. Much Love K & M. Resources mentioned: Lucy Rocca The Sober Revolution - Your six week plan - Glass half full - How to leave a happier, healthier and alcohol free life Jason Vale - How to kick the drink easily Soberistas Charity - Soberistas Facebook - the Januray workshop tickets will be available soon... MIND - Alcohol Concern -

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