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Love Sober Podcast 85 Guest: Shari Hampton 26/06/20

June 26, 2020

This week we are delighted to welcome Shari Hampton from Served Up Sober. Shari is a fellow She Recovers Designated Coach and absolute sober shero. Here is her wonderful introduction:

As the founder of Served Up Sober, and a Teetotaler, I'm honored to be a part of the recovery community. My name is Shari Hampton and I've been sober since Valentine's Day 2015. I battled alcohol and drug addiction for over 35 years until I landed in the arms of a retired psychiatrist and anthropologist turned holistic wellness enthusiast. This couple merged their perspectives into a regime that combined various holistic modalities and focused on introspective examination and healing. Through the experience I was able to build a life of recovery and the experience taught me that sustained recovery exists at the crossroads of traditional methods and holistic ones. I knew I wanted to create a program that blended the two together.


I founded Served Up Sober because there is a stigma attached to healing that needs to be broken. Served stands firm in the power that we get to change and heal into our better selves. Our organization offers holistic support services in the form of weekly and monthly classes curated specifically for sober and sober curious women of color. And its community over everything — always.


I am a founder, a podcaster, and on and off again blogger. But more than anything, I’m healing just like you and I’m cheering for all of us to win.

You can find Shari @servedupsober on insta where you can find links to The Support Group You Never Knew You Could Have and the Women of Color Get Sober Facebook group. More details on her website
We absolutely loved this chat, so grab a cuppa and enjoy! K & M Xxx

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