Love Sober Podcast

Love Sober Episode Thirty Seven 17 05 2019

May 17, 2019

Alcohol and Mental health We were greatly honoured to have our friend Laura @thesoberlioness on the pod to talk mental health and alcohol. Laura is an absolute warrior, shero and galpal. Sobriety in her own words "Is the gift that keeps on giving, which changed my life!" Laura, Kate and I’s mental health has dramatically improved by stopping drinking, and as importantly our mental health was significantly worsened by drinking alcohol. So it is one of the most important and vital conversations to be had in sobriety. Also It’s one year since our first pod episode. What a year of ups and downs it’s been. To quote Frank (sort of) "We’ve loved, we’ve laughed and cried. We’ve had our fill, our share of losing. And now as tears subside, we find it so amusing. To think we did all that, and may we say, not in a shy way, oh, no, oh, no, not us, we did it the love sober waaaaay" We are so so grateful for everything the pod has brought us, friendship, support and pride. Thank so much for all the messages we have received. We have ALOT of exciting projects to come... X Resources mentioned :

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