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Love Sober Episode Podcast Seventeen 15 11 18

November 15, 2018

Today we talk about Sober Inspiration, filling up your cup full of good stuff. How strategies like play, flow, creativity, awe and Tom Hardy can lighten the load when you are feeling ‘meh’. From sober celebs to the evolutionary science of awe we are cramming it in the week. So turn on your fairy lights, catch a shooting star, do a bungee jump or whatever your heart desires.

Resources: * List of teetotallers Sorry we had to… Tom Hardy Cbeebies - * Science of Happiness: * Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi TED2004: Flow, The Secret of Happiness * Dacher Keltner Lecture: Why awe is such an important emotion * Tammi Salas * The Unruffled Podcast * Crafternoon – Mind * The Little Book of Wonder: Bernadette Russell * The twelves steps: * The School of Life: * Religion for Atheists: Alain de Botton * Daniel Radcliffe US: Facebook - lovesoberpodcast Insta @love.sober

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