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Love Sober Podcast 58 Guest:Millie Gooch 13/12/2019

December 13, 2019

This week, our second special episode sponsored by Sainsbury's we talk to our friend and very inspirational woman @milliegooch Millie Gooch is a writer, speaker and founder of Sober Girl Society @sobergirlsociety - an online and real-life network of independent not gin-dependent women. She gave up drinking in Feb 2018 after noticing how her party girl binge-drinking was negatively impacting her mental health and 7 months later started Sober Girl Society to show girls like her that you can still be young, wild and hangover-free! With Millie we talk through her experiences with alcohol and how brilliant it is for us as mums to see someone empowering young women. To have someone on social media who is really living and loving her life sober AND social and encouraging women to ask themselves better questions about alcohol in their lives is FABULOUS. Well done Millie and THANK YOU for all the work you do.

We talk bossing the party season with lots of tips, and drink recommendations - Millie co-hosted @sainsburys pop-up pub the Clean Vic this summer so we discuss mixology and the brilliant range there is now. We discuss what else you can do which is social and yet not booze-focus... ever heard of Massaoke? (Look it up!) Its a great chat, so grab yourself a AF cocktail and let's chat x

Sainsbury's has a free drink for you to try - Follow the link here  and read the T&C - we chose this drink ourselves for you guys as it's versatile and deliciously fresh, so happy Xmas from us and from Sainsbury's!!!

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